Ontario Students

Welcome to the OBW Student Exchange Program!

As an exchange student, you are expected to engage in full-time, NON-DEGREE, study at your host university for a maximum of one academic year. You are responsible for all aspects of your participation in the Program, including, but not limited to, your health, safety, lodging, course selection, study program, travel plans, legal status and financial obligations.

In order to assist you in preparing for your exchange adventure, a pre-departure OBW Orientation Workshop takes place in Toronto is scheduled for May 6, 2019. An important aspect of this workshop is the opportunity to meet your fellow OBW students from all around Ontario. Attendance at this workshop is not mandatory but all participants are strongly encouraged to participate.

The following Orientation Workshop documents pertain to the May 201 orientation:

The following important documents will help you prepare for going to Germany. Please read them very carefully:

While on exchange, we ask you to remember that as OBW participants you are assuming the responsibility of being an ambassador for the OBW Program, for your home university, and for the Province of Ontario.

We wish you the most fulfilling, interesting, and enjoyable time possible while you are on exchange!

Transfer of Credit

The recognition of the academic work you complete in Germany and the transfer of credit are responsibilities of your home university. In addition to having an academic transcript sent by your host university, you should keep the kommentierte Vorlesungsverzeichnisse from departments in which you have taken courses; also keep course syllabi, reading lists, assignments, copies of emails with your home university, etc. These may be very helpful to your home university when it comes to the transfer of credit.

In addition, you can print the form below (Leistungsnachweis) and ask your course instructors in Germany to fill it out, providing more detailed information about your activities than is contained in either the normal German Schein or the final academic transcript.