Orientation, August 2011

Our thanks to everyone who made the "Incoming" OBW orientation such a memorable experience this week! That includes:

  • Agnes, Dagmar, and Sharmin, who made the organization of the event look so easy;
  • The alumnae who volunteered so generously to share their life experience and wisdom with the students who had just arrived from Germany;
  • Stephanie, for her eloquent welcome and for the (stick-on) tattoos, courtesy of the German Consulate General;
  • All the Baden-Württemberg students (as well as those from Jiangsu, Maharashtra and Goa, and Rhône-Alpes) who were up for everything and made the event so much fun;
  • Our guests on Tuesday morning;
  • The amazingly helpful staff of the Canadian visa office in Berlin, who went out of their way to issue everyone's Study Permit in time;
  • The staff of Glendon College; and especially
  • Julian, whose acrobatic frisbee catch took our breath away.

We hope everyone enjoyed the days as much as we did, we wish Julian a speedy recovery, and we wish all the Ba-Wü students an absolutely wonderful and fulfilling year in Ontario!