OBW on Facebook and Flickr

All OBW participants ― past, present, and near-future ― are warmly invited to join the new, official OBW Facebook Group. We are looking forward to this becoming an important and very valuable resource for the Program in the future. It is intended to supersede the much-loved (and occasionally irritating!) obw-list, which will be withdrawn soon.

We also invite you to send photos that you would like to propose for inclusion in OBW’s new Flickr Photostream. Please submit your finest work to ddarby [at] ouinternational [dot] ca (David Darby), and we will select the photos that are posted. Our hope is that the flickr page will help to give participants present and future a good sense of the places and activities they can look forward to (within reason!) as exchange students in Ontario and Baden-Württemberg, and also a place for past participants to browse and reminisce.