Baden-Württemberg Alumni Reports

This section of the website contains reports submitted by past participants in the OBW program. These reports are a valuable complement to the handbooks. Students write about all kinds of practical aspects of participation, as well as about university life and courses, about the general experience of being an exchange student, and about what their experience means to them in retrospect. They all give very valuable tips on preparing for a year abroad and make interesting comments on life in the host country.

We are very grateful to the students who have taken the time to share their experience with you, and we encourage you to read these reports carefully as you prepare for your exchange year.

2017-2018 Exchange Year

2015-2016 Exchange Year

2014-2015 Exchange Year

2013-2014 Exchange Year

2012-2013 Exchange Year

2011-2012 Exchange Year

2010-2011 Exchange Year

2009-2010 Exchange Year

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November Bull Moose, Algonquin Park
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