Algonquin Park Summer Position (Summer 2019)

The Friends of Algonquin Park (FOAP) and the Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Student Exchange Program (OBW) invite applications for a paid position as a German-Language Visitor Services Specialist in Algonquin Provincial Park in the summer of 2019.

Qualities and Qualifications

FOAP logoAs a member of the FOAP team, you will be an ambassador for Algonquin Provincial Park, eager to explore the Park’s many aspects and interpret and convey them to others. More important than specific expertise are 1) a passion for the natural park experience in all its facets; 2) energy, spontaneity and flexibility; 3) a strong desire to learn new things; 4) the ability to deal with the unexpected; and 5) the capacity both to work well with fellow students and professionals and to relate well to Park visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

Personability, eagerness, and a desire to spend the summer in Algonquin Park and contribute to the work of The Friends are essential. You must also have a requisite command of both English and German. Although a basic knowledge of biology is expected, no specific knowledge of Algonquin Park’s history, landscape, and flora/fauna is required – you will receive all necessary training. Working with a mentor, you will be expected to demonstrate initiative in helping to shape the position in accordance with your expertise and interests and in participating in various aspects of the Park’s mandate. You should, through your contributions, want to "make a difference."

Terms of the Position

Employment will last from early or mid-May through the end of August 2019; although the duration may change with the consent of the employee and FOAP. Applications from those who can stay on through September are welcome.

The expected working hours are ca. 40 hours per week, usually 8.30 a.m. – 5.15 p.m. (with breaks) on normal workdays, but flexibility and a willingness to work weekend and evening shifts, when needed, are essential.

You will have days off, during which you can hike or canoe, on your own or with colleagues/friends, or just relax.

You will live at the Staffhouse along with other students. Although not an absolute requirement, a valid Ontario driver’s license would be an asset. You must show that you have adequate health insurance for the duration of your employment.

This is a paid position, with remuneration amounting to a total approximate "gross" value of $8,700 for the period mid-May through August; those working through September will "gross" an additional CAD-$2,100 (approximately). These amounts are subject to standard mandatory deductions (EI, CPP, etc.); any income tax liability would depend on your total income in a given tax year.



  • Answering questions and providing orientation at the Algonquin Visitor Centre or other locations (e.g. the Logging Museum);
  • Assisting FOAP staff with German-language support for such interpretive modes as publications, webpages, etc.;
  • Assisting with Algonquin interpretive events such as public wolf howls, loggers’ day, and the like;
  • Assisting in and/or conducting guided walks or other presentations for school groups and other visitor groups highlighting aspects of Algonquin's wildlife, flora, and history as part of The Friends' Group Education Program; and
  • Other duties as determined from time to time by supervisors from FOAP and/or Park staff.


You will be an employee of The Friends of Algonquin Park, and the position will be governed by an employment contract. Important: this status is dependent upon the availability and granting of an appropriate visa and work authorization by the Government of Canada.

The Visitor Centre Staffhouse at Found Lake hosts up to 18 occupants; accommodation is in shared bedrooms (double room). Residents pay a modest weekly sum (the exact amount being contingent on the person’s income) for accommodation. Meals are provided by the Staffhouse cook during the summer months (June, July, and August) for a fee of approximately $50 per week. All occupants of the Staffhouse share one bathroom, a common room with TV, and an outdoor gazebo. Residents may use the Staffhouse canoes, and there is also swimming and fishing at the Lake. A copy of the document Algonquin Visitor Centre Staffhouse at Found Lake: Facilities and Rules – 2019 will be supplied to the successful applicant, and the policies and procedures listed therein will apply.

As an employee, you must have a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN); your earnings are subject to Canadian income tax.


The following are eligible to apply for the position (listed in order of preference):

  1. Students pursuing a degree program at a university in Baden-Württemberg and attending an Ontario university under the auspices of the OBW Exchange Program at the time of their application;
  2. Students pursuing a degree program at any postsecondary institution in Baden-Württemberg and attending a postsecondary institution in Ontario under the auspices of a bilateral (institution-to-institution) partnership at the time of their application;
  3. Recent graduates of a postsecondary institution in Baden-Württemberg who have attended an Ontario university under the auspices of the OBW Exchange Program or other partnership.

Where circumstances warrant, with the agreement of the OBW Exchange, other applicants who are eligible under Government of Canada regulations may apply.

Application/Selection Process

OBW applicants must submit, by October 28, 2018:

The documents should be submitted electronically to generalmanager [at] algonquinpark [dot] on [dot] ca (Ms. Lee Pauzé, General Manager), The Friends of Algonquin Park. A copy should also be sent to ddarby [at] ouinternational [dot] ca (David Darby) at the OBW Program.

Applicants who are not participants in the OBW Program should contact Ms. Pauzé regarding additional application requirements.

Short-listed applicants will be interviewed, preferably in person, and should be willing to travel to the Park for this purpose. Some practical assistance with travel and accommodation may be possible. The selection process is expected to take place in November, and applicants may expect a decision by early December.

The successful applicant is responsible for securing a work permit, and the applicant must be in possession of such a permit before she/he can commence the position in the spring of 2019. As soon as she/he has accepted a provisional offer of employment, the prospective employee, assuming she/he is a German citizen, should apply for a work permit under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. Under the IEC Program, applicants are given the option to apply to one of three “streams” for a visa – Working Holiday, Young Professionals, or International Co-op Internship. It is recommended that candidates choose the Young Professionals stream, as this option provides a higher chance of receiving a visa in a timely manner. Once the applicant has selected a stream, they will receive an "invitation to apply”, based on the IEC’s invitation schedule. If the applicant is successful in receiving an invitation to apply, they will then have 10 days to liaise with The Friends of Algonquin Park to complete the application process. Citizens of countries other than Germany will need to check on the same webpage whether their country of citizenship has an IEC agreement with Canada. Please be aware that the successful applicant will incur some costs (e.g., for official translations of documents) while preparing this visa application and in securing other documentation necessary for the purposes of employment (e.g., SIN, Ontario Driver’s License).

A concise handbook and personal advice will be available to the chosen applicant.

For More Information

For information, please contact generalmanager [at] algonquinpark [dot] on [dot] ca (Lee Pauzé) at The Friends of Algonquin Park.

Please also feel free to contact Amelie Müller, the holder of the 2018 position in Algonquin Park.