About OBW

The Ontario/Baden-Württemberg (OBW) program offers a range of overseas exchange opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students in virtually all academic disciplines in the two partner regions. Since the program’s founding in 1990, approximately 2,800 university students from the Province of Ontario (Canada) and the state of Baden-Württemberg (Germany) have enhanced their education through the experience of living and studying overseas. Many of the participants have spoken of their exchange as a life-changing experience, and all of them have made an important individual contribution to international understanding, cooperation, and friendship between two regions known for their cultural, economic, and scientific leadership.

Building on the success of the student exchange, OBW launched a new exchange program for university faculty members in 2011.

The OBW Program, which has frequently been hailed in Canada and in Germany as a “flagship” of academic internationalization, enjoys the active support of all its partner universities and of the governments of both Ontario and Baden-Württemberg. The Program’s successes are the result of close cooperation between the participating universities and the coordinating offices on both sides of the Atlantic, and we take great pride in the advising and general support that we are able to offer to the students who participate.

The OBW Program brings together a consortium of 15 universities in Ontario and all 9 research universities in Baden-Württemberg and has offices in both jurisdictions:

In Ontario

Academic Director
ddarby [at] ouinternational [dot] ca (Professor David Darby), University of Western Ontario

Program Coordinator
apoleszczuk [at] ouinternational [dot] ca (Ms. Agnes Poleszczuk), York University

Program Administrator
dtodd [at] ouinternational [dot] ca (Ms. Dagmar Todd), York University

In Baden-Württemberg

Dr. Johannes Dingler, Universität Konstanz

Program Coordinator
exchange [dot] programs [at] uni-konstanz [dot] de (Ms. Desirée Franz), Universität Konstanz

To participate in the OBW Program, students must first be nominated by their home university based on that institution’s selection processes and criteria.